Acting Up in Year Three!

Year Three have started their new book ‘The Vanishing Rainforest.’ The children have been putting themselves into the shoes of the tribes people and creating freeze frames for how they would feel with farmers taking land and destroying the habitats. It is lovely to see the children’s enthusiasm for our new topic on The Rainforests of South America.

Vertices and properties of 3D shapes

Year Three have been sorting and classifying 2D and 3D shapes this week. They have been considering their properties, e.g. vertices, faces and sides and they have learn the difference between a square based pyramid and square based prism.

Mystery in Year One

In Oak Class this week the children have been on a journey to discover the story of “The Gruffalo” written by Julia Donaldson. They have started the unit off by solving a mystery involving a cake and three potential suspects! They had to follow clues, discuss their predictions and follow footsteps to find out who has eaten their chocolate cake. … Read More

Maths in Reception Class

This week in Reception, the children have been recognising the properties of 3D shapes. They have been thinking about how 3D shapes are different to 2D shapes. They shared their brilliant mathematical thinking about spheres and cubes.

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Leyla Uzi and Matilda Year One: Nancy and Harry Year Two: Kaydee and Max Year Three: Madison and William Miss Street’s Manners Merit: Caleb Birmingham. Well done!

Scetching in Year Three

Year Three completed their Monet art topic with a trip to Morden Hall National Trust Park this week. The children set themselves up on the board walk, over the wetlands and they got sketching the landscape in front of them. They then used water-colours and began mixing their colours according to what they could see. It was amazing to see … Read More

Materials Science in Year Two

This week Year Two tried to save an egg! They read Mini Grey’s Egg Drop and decided to save the egg who wanted to fly. Children used their understanding of the properties of materials to create a soft landing. Fortunately, some worked well and the egg survived. Yeah! Unfortunately, some did not. Oh no!

Art in Year One

In Year One this week chidren have completed their final paintings inspired by the ocean and the sunset. They have used their knowledge of warm and cool colours and the brush technique of stippling. Children were very pleased with their final pieces!

Great writers in Reception Class

Well done Philip for your fantastic efforts in your writing this week. You have continued to challenge yourself this term and not given up! Caleb has had an amazing attitude to learning and always striving for his best!

Note from the Head

I hope those of you who were able to attend the Parents’ Showcase today enjoyed the time spent in class with your child. The Year Two children had a lot of fun re-enacting burning the Great Fire of London and Year Three looked very scary in their Viking costumes! Thanks for coming along to support the children. Park will be … Read More