Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Noam and Matthew Year One: Tommy and William Year Two: Rania and Sebastian Year Three: Lucia and Victoria Miss Street’s Tough Turtle Award: Logan. Well done!

Learning a New Song in Year Three

Year Three have been learning a new song in music. Previously, children had been counting four beats per bar, but their new song ‘Kites’ has three beats per bar. Children have also learned a new note, a dotted minim, which is three beats long. Year Three will be putting all this together again next week learning the second part of … Read More

Art in Year Two

This week in computing, children created computer art using “Doodle Art” on the iPads. They studied the work of a French artist, Georges Seurat, to create pixel pointillism-a type of painting using lots of dots. The children had a great time producing their own piece of art.

Senses Walk in Year One

In Oak Class this week, children started studying El Caminante, a drawn animation about a high – wire artist. Children took part in a senses walk on Monday, walking in pairs and relying on their partner to guide them around the maze. Afterwards, children walked in groups to share their observation and speculate on the possible setting, character and events … Read More

Reading with the Loved Ones in Reception Class

This week in reception class, the children had some very special visitors; they asked loved ones to come in and do some reading with them! Apple class loved choosing their favourite stories from the book corner and showing off their amazing, progressing reading skills. The children also enjoyed presenting their classroom and telling parents all about the learning that they … Read More

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Taiyon and Leila P Year One: Zak and Vivien Year Two: Alfie and Isaac Year Three: Aisha and William Miss Street’s Tough Turtle Award: Aisha. Well done!

Table Tennis skills in Year Three

Year Three have thoroughly enjoyed developing their table tennis skills over the last two weeks. They have found out the rules of table tennis and begun building their range of shots. On Wednesday, the children focused on their backhand push. It was lovely to see the children’s confidence grow as their accuracy increased.

Volume and capacity in Year Two

This week Year Two have been exploring volume and capacity in Maths. Children have spent time measuring liquids using millilitres and litres, and they knew that the amount of liquid in a container, although it does not change, can look like it does – it is just the shape of the container. Children also looked at reading thermometers accurately, using … Read More

Moving Books in Year One

In the Year One Design and Technology lesson this week, children have explored and evaluated a range of moving books. Children worked in groups to find out which parts of the books moved and identified the mechanisms – wheel and sliders. They evaluated the effect of these moving objects on the books and started to think about their own end … Read More