This time last year, eight parents of Park Community School were at the height of their training for the Hampton Court Half Marathon. This year, we thought we’d go a bit further and are tackling a 25 mile walking marathon! There is also an option of a 25k (15.5 miles) walk too. It is taking place on Saturday 31st March … Read More

Holly Class

Year Three have been putting their MindUp learning into practice. The children have been doing three brain breaks a day to help them keep their pre-frontal cortex in control while doing their learning. They have learnt about the three parts of the brain and their jobs. They have also been discussing the importance of these parts on their learning. Tallulah … Read More

Willow Class

This week, the children investigated Thomas Farynor’s involvement in the Great Fire of London. They wrote diaries based on his point of view. Some of the children thought he started the fire, others think that other people were involved. They also found Samuel Pepy’s diary buried under several centimetres of soil and a spade that clearly had 1666 written on … Read More

Apple Class

This week Apple Class have continued to apply themselves with great focus and perseverance. In the picture on the right, Zainab is striving to add greater details, like andjectives, to her writing to make it more interesting. The children have shown increased confidence during phonics and reading sessions this week. Here, Philip is demonstrating engagement and persistence in all his … Read More

Note from the Head

I am happy to inform you that Mrs. Amber Shahzadi has taken up the role of Reception class teacher from today until the end of the academic year. Mrs Shahzadi is an Early Years specialist who is excited to take on this role. I look forward to you meeting her over the next few weeks. We are now working in … Read More

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Riley, Matthew and Albie Year One: Ruby and Suha Year Two: Isaac and Zeryana Year Three: Lucia and Maliha Miss Street’s Star of the Week: Riley. Well done!

Fractions in Willow Class

This week, in Year Two, children have been investigating fractions. They have looked at how fractions need to be made of equal parts and if you want to find a fraction of a number you need to share. They learnt the key words numerator and denominator; why not test them to see if they know what the words mean!

Viking adventures in Holly Class

Year Three have been trying to see things through the eyes of the Viking invaders themselves! They imagined themselves as Vikings coming to a strange land for the first time and they participated in a ‘hot-seating’ activity where the children asked questions of their Viking contemporaries, complete with Viking names such a Blood-Knuckle and Big- Axe! They then used these … Read More

Dribbling skills in Oak Class

This week, the children in Year One have continued to develop their dribbling skills. In particular this week, they learnt the skills that a defender needs. They are now able to pass whilst dribbling and moving. They look forward to using all their newly acquired skills to enjoy a competitive game of basketball at the end of the half term.

Apple Class impress us with their manners

Children in Apple Class enjoyed exploring and playing in the outdoor café. Children were keen to work in groups to deliver a variety of meals using their manners to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Children wrote their own recipes, shared these with their learning partners, and had a go at making their inventions. We had a delicious afternoon!