Year Two visit the Museum of London

Year Two had a wonderful time at the Museum of London on Wednesday. As part of their history and literacy topic, The Great Fire of London, the children investigated artefacts that survived the fire in 1666. Such items included a leather fire helmet, fire hocks and pottery. The children learnt that Samuel Pepys, a politician at the time, kept a … Read More

Music in Year Three

This half term, Year Three are learning about the history of music. This week they identified the different sections of the orchestra and they can now differentiate what the different sections of the orchestra are: string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Fun fact: a saxophone is actually a woodwind instrument even though it’s made of brass! Over this half term … Read More

Full Steam Ahead in Year One

In history, Year One are learning about George Stevenson and his invention of the first steam train. In this drama scene, they re-enacted the day in 1825 when the first steam train carried people on a British railway in Yorkshire. The children then interviewed George Stevenson in a hot-seating drama activity, and they asked open-ended questions, which allowed the children … Read More

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Miles and Eliane Year One: Hannah and Vivien Year Two: Monika and Matty Year Three: Jacob and Tallulah Miss Street’s Manners Merit: Madison. Well done!

Pupil Council

In the Pupil Council, we have been coming up with ideas for how to spend some of the money kindly raised for us by the PTFA! We will be asking all classes for ideas, but so far here are some of our ideas shared by the Pupil Council (some are a little bit more feasible than others!) Tennis Racquets Skipping … Read More

Mathematics homework

As you know, maths homework is now based around each child’s mental maths’ objective. Have you been supporting your child with this at home? Do you know what their target is? Keep supporting your child(ren) at home by finding fun ways to learn their new skill,for example use groups of pasta for repeated addition to develop your child’s confidence with … Read More

Welcome to Mrs Tank

We are delighted to welcome Mrs Tank, the new Reception class teacher, to the Park team. Mrs Tank is a very experienced and passionate teacher who shares the Chapel St ethos which is why she applied to work here. I look forward to you all getting to know her over the term. There will be an opportunity for the Reception … Read More

Christmas Fair

Thanks so much to everyone who organised the brilliant Christmas Fair; particular thanks to the PTFA. We will let you know exactly how much was raised and how the money will be spent once we know. At this stage, it looks like over £2000 was raised. The Nativity money was also given to the PTFA too.

Merton Vineyard’s Kids’ Cinema

Here are the next dates. Come along and relax while your child(ren) enjoys a film. Dates are as follows: Saturday 6th January Saturday 3rd February Saturday 3rd March All siblings and friends are welcome too.

Christmas Decoration Winner

Well done to Olivia Harrington who was the winner of the Barnard Marcus Christmas Decoration Competition.