Investigating shape in Year Three

This week Year Three have been working with 3D shapes in maths. The children have named the shapes and identified it’s properties. They have learnt the mathematical vocabulary the children need to work with 3D shapes including; vertices, edges, faces and apex. We are excited to move on to making our own 3D shapes using nets.

Local geography field trip in Year Two

Year Two have been investigating the local area around the school. The children used journey sticks to create milestones by using found objects. These bits and pieces will help to remind them of their journey when they draw and linear map and then covert it into a map with symbols.

Sequencing in Reception Class

Apples have been drawing and writing the story ‘Jack and beanstalk’ in sequence this week. Sequencing is one of many skills that contributes to students’ ability to comprehend what they read. Sequencing refers to the identification of the components of a story; the beginning, middle, and end; and also to the ability to retell the events within a given text … Read More

Note from the Headteacher

Please remember that there is a Mindup workshop for parents on Monday. Come along if you are interested in learning more about this exciting mindful initiative. The most recent spring assessments have been analysed, so please login to the SPTO system to track the progress your child has made in the core subject areas.

Using Manipulatives in Maths

Research continues to highlight the importance of using manipulatives within mathematics, including for mental maths. Children’s understanding of mathematical concepts evolves through first-hand experience, and concrete objects provide a vehicle through which this can happen. Therefore, it is paramount to incorporate real objects for children to manipulate when revising their mental maths objective. When revising times table, ask your child … Read More

Tennis Skills in Year Three

This half term, Year Three will be learning table tennis, however we are still waiting the balls and bats to arrive. So, in the meantime, the children enjoyed polishing their tennis skills this week. They began by developing their control of the racquet while hitting the ball by keeping the ball up in the air for as many shots as … Read More

Tennis Time in Year Two

Year Two started their new tennis topic in PE this week. They used their keen observational and ball handling skills to practise controlling the ball on their tennis rackets. They will spend the next couple of weeks, using their forehand and backhand shots to return the ball to their partners. Some potential Wimbledon stars on the horizon!

Tennis Time in Year One

In Year One this week, children are beginning to understand the rules of tennis. They started by exploring throwing and catching – initially using a basketball and then a tennis ball. Children discussed why it was easier to throw and catch a basketball rather than a tennis ball. They have then worked in pairs and practised overhead throws. Children focused … Read More

Note from the Headteacher

I hope you all had a restful break Easter. It is great to be back with the children for the final term of the academic year. I am sure you agree that the time has really flown by this academic year. We have many fun activities planned for this half term; please see above for some of the dates. The … Read More