Apple Class update

In Apple Class this week the children made fruit kebabs for the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Most of the children were able to cut the fruit and then make a repeating pattern on their skewer using the fruit.

Oak Class update

In Year One in Art this half-term we are learning the skills associated with painting. We have started the unit off by making our own colour wheels and explored how to use primary colours to make secondary colours. In the following weeks we will be learning the difference between using a flat and a round brush and the impact this … Read More

Holly Class update

This term Holly class are using water-colours to try and recreate some of Monet’s Waterlily paintings. We have been looking at different water-colour techniques and how to blend the colours. Last week we used a ‘wet-on-wet’ technique to blend colours for a ‘wash’ to create the background. This week we have finished off the pieces by adding more precise details … Read More

Willow Class update

This week Year Two have been collecting words and phrases to describe the Great Fire of London. We have tried to understand what it would have been like to have been in amongst all the commotion of the tragic event. After we had scribed our words, we noticed that the reflection was the same colour of the sky during the … Read More

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Jakob and Leyla Year One: Noori and Zac Year Two: Jake and Paetyn Year Three: Tristan and Rhys Miss Street’s Star of the Week: All of the Playground Pal team! Well done!

Parents’ evening

The teachers look forward to meeting you in two weeks for the Spring Parents’ evening session. We have extended each session to 15 minutes (rather than 10) as the teachers will explain how you can login to the new assessment system so you can track your child’s progress. During parents’ evening, the teachers will also share the National Curriculum objectives … Read More

Year Two visit the Museum of London

Year Two had a wonderful time at the Museum of London on Wednesday. As part of their history and literacy topic, The Great Fire of London, the children investigated artefacts that survived the fire in 1666. Such items included a leather fire helmet, fire hocks and pottery. The children learnt that Samuel Pepys, a politician at the time, kept a … Read More

Music in Year Three

This half term, Year Three are learning about the history of music. This week they identified the different sections of the orchestra and they can now differentiate what the different sections of the orchestra are: string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Fun fact: a saxophone is actually a woodwind instrument even though it’s made of brass! Over this half term … Read More

Full Steam Ahead in Year One

In history, Year One are learning about George Stevenson and his invention of the first steam train. In this drama scene, they re-enacted the day in 1825 when the first steam train carried people on a British railway in Yorkshire. The children then interviewed George Stevenson in a hot-seating drama activity, and they asked open-ended questions, which allowed the children … Read More