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Please see the link below for our wish list for books to help the children with their learning. Any donations would be greatly appreciated;

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure your child has their PE-kit with them on Monday and remind your child to take it home on a Friday.

We would like to encourage all the children to drink water throughout the day and we would like to request that your child brings in a water bottle to school labelled with their name.

We are working towards making the children independent in many areas as possible. At home you can help your child to practise putting their coats on and doing up their zips.


Thursday 1st  March- St Davids wear yellow for St David’s day

Friday 2nd March – World Book Day

Friday 9th March- Children dress as what they want to be when they are older eg a police officer, a doctor, a pilot

Friday 16th March- St Patricks wear green for St Patrick’s day


World Book Day at Park Community School

Home Learning


We really encourage children to practise their phonics at home. We have put links below that will support you and your child with learning their sounds. Please use every opportunity to allow your child to practise, whether it be sounding out road signs, menus, TV guide to ensure they are accessing as much reading as possible. Here are some tricky words to practice with your child as well; Tricky Words


Research continues to highlight the importance of practically experiencing a mathematical idea to develop children conceptual understanding of a mathematical concept. Therefore, on fortnightly basis we are going to send home four practical tasks your child should complete and gradually build their confidence to share using mathematical vocabulary. Each sheet with the above outlined practical tasks is going to outline the maths unit your child is currently working on in school, as well it will explain what your child should be able to do by the end of it. The list of these practical tasks is endless and we welcome you to add more tasks to further support your child’s understanding. We warmly welcome you to record any significant milestones your child has reached within these practical activities. These can be recorded on the WOW moments sent home which we share and celebrate with the class.

Supporting your child at home;


Homework Week 1 and 2

Homework Week 3 and 4

Homework Week 5 and 6

Take Home Task

We will be doing lots of fun activities to learn all about


  • Sharing stories with a transport theme
  • Matching transport pictures and sounds
  • Sorting and grouping different types of transport
  • Taking pictures of different types of transport

I would really appreciate if your child could make a large cardboard box transport for role play. There are several transport ideas you can adopt for your dramatic play area.

Take a glance at the ideas below!

  • A Submarine, A Jet  Airline, A Pirate ship, A Space Rocket, A Hot Air Balloon OR it could be any transport.

Hope you will enjoy your holidays!

Current Learning

The topic for Reception is animals for this half term. We will be having a story book as a theme for the week.


In Literacy we will be studying the following stories. To reinforce the learning at home you may get these books from the library.

Week 1 & 2: The Tiger That Came To Tea

Week 3: The Hungry Caterpillar

Week 4: The Star Faced Crocodile

Week 5: Giraffes Can’t Dance

Week 6: Elmer


In Maths, we will be learning about 3D shapes and sorting, symmetry, addition and subtraction within 10, calendar and time.


In Phonics most of the children will be learning Phase 3 letters and sounds, and continuing to extend their segmenting and blending. Some children will continue to consolidate their knowledge of Phase 2 letters and sounds and practice segmenting and blending.  At home you may help you child to practise writing their first and last names.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

In Knowledge and Understanding of the World we will be learning about different animal features and habitats, exploring their similarities and differences. Festivals that the children will learn about will include Makar Sankranti (kite festival) Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday.

Communication and Language

In Communication and Language we will focus on retelling stories, storymapping, learning how to ask questions and build up a bank of vocabulary associated with the theme of week.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development we will learn how to share resources and take turns. Children will also discuss being part of a family and what makes me special. We are also learning about the different parts of our brain and strategies to help us learn better.


In PE ,we are fortunate to have a PE coach from Merton Council to teach us on Tuesdays . The children will learn how to play team games and ball skills.