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Year Three will be returning to school for 3.10 on Fridays, due to swimming lessons at Wimbledon Leisure Centre.


Tuesday 27th February- Year Three Trip to London Zoo

Thursday 1st  March- St Davids wear yellow for St David’s day

Friday 2nd March – World Book Day

Friday 9th March- Children dress as what they want to be when they are older eg a police officer, a doctor, a pilot

Friday 16th March- St Patricks wear green for St Patrick’s day


Swimming for Year Three

Year 3 Trip to London Zoo

World Book Day at Park Community School

Year Three Curriculum Letter Spring 2

Home Learning


Reading and/or talking about their reading to an adult for at least 20 minutes, five times a week. This is to be recorded in reading records. Reading records and reading books should be coming into school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Reading records will be signed by teachers to check regular reading has occurred.


Spellings will be sent home weekly to be learnt and practiced. These will be tested in school on a weekly basis. The words chosen will be suitable for the age of the child and will either be high frequency words, common exception words or a spelling pattern. When writing their spellings please encourage children to join their handwriting using cursive joins.  


As you know, maths homework is now based around each child’s mental maths objective. Ask your child what their mental maths target is and encourage your child in revising for their next mental maths test. Keep supporting your child(ren) at home by finding fun ways to learn their new skill, for example use groups of pasta for repeated addition to develop your child’s confidence with multiplication tables, or use playing cards to play multiplication war. We test children weekly and once they have achieved Gold award (questions out of order and with missing digits) they receive a certificate in the celebration assembly, and a letter with their next mental maths objective will be sent home. Similarly, when your child reaches Bronze and/ or Silver, your child will receive a slip to celebrate their success so they can move on to practising the next skill. Enjoy practising these mental maths’ targets with your children!

Supporting your child at home;

This weeks spellings; Spelling Words 23.2.18

Take Home Task

After half term Year Three will be moving on to focus on the rain forests of South America. Over the holidays can you challenge yourselves to research The Amazon rain forest and the animals and plants living there. Can you create a fact file or a poster, displaying all the information you can find out? Are you able to create a painting or drawing of your favorite animal or setting from the forest?

Current Learning


In Maths, we are moving on to look at measure in some more detail. We will be recapping length and moving onto comparing m, cm and mm. The children will then begin to weigh different items using scales. The children will be encouraged to challenge themselves to make comparisons of different objects.


In Literacy this half term, we will be reading ’The Vanishing Rainforest’ to link with our Geography topic. We will be using the book to write in role as a member of a tribe in the forest and to create a persuasive piece of writing.


In Science , we are going to be studying magnets and forces. The children will be encouraged to investigate how forces work and the properties of magnets. We will experiment to find out which objects are magnetic and non-magnetic.


In Geography, we are going to be studying the rainforests of South America. The children will be identifying the location of the Amazon and then investigating the habitats created in the rainforests and the animals that live there.


In Music we are going to be learning how to play the recorder. We are very excited to be learning a new instrument and will hopefully be able to show off what we can play at a show case.


In PE, we will be taking the children swimming at Wimbledon Leisure Centre of Friday afternoons. The children will be developing their swimming skills during these sessions. In our other PE lesson on a Monday we will be learning skills relating to dance.


This half term we will be moving on to work on our mindful senses and how we can train our selves to appreciate the little things in the moment.


In RE this term the children will be looking at different places of worship. We also be investigating the characteristics and items with in each place that make it special for that religion.