Teamwork in Year One

This week in Year One, the children started looking at instruction writing in Literacy. They focussed on the key features of instructions such as imperative verbs and a range of sentence openers like first, second, third and last. Year One, then incorporated their instructional knowledge into a game of Simon Says. They used instructional language to describe a picture for … Read More

The boy in the Striped Pyjamas in Year Five

Year Five have really enjoyed reading the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. They have been analysing the relationship between the main characters Bruno and Shmuel. The pupils have also written their own play script! We are now planning and writing an alternative ending to the story.

Instructions in Year One

This week the children have been learning about instructions. They have learnt what an imperative verb is and how important it is to have them at the start of instructions. The children put their instruction following and giving to the test when they had to sit back to back and draw a landscape only from instructions. They used the terms … Read More

A Turtles Tale in Year Three

In this penultimate week of the first Autumn term, Year Three achieved their class goal! Congratulations, on working collectively to achieve a positive outcome. Their reward was popcorn and a section of a film, they watched a part of ‘A Turtle’s Tale – Sammy’s Adventures’. When they achieve their goal again they will continue watching the film! Keep working hard … Read More

Authors of the half term from Autumn Two

Children will be enjoys literature from the following authors next half term. Year One: Mini Grey, Year Two: Roald Dahl, Year Three: Ted Hughes, Year Four: SF Said, Year Five: Siobhan Dowd. Why not visit your local library over the half term and get reading some of exciting books from the relevant author.

Teamwork in Reception

Children in the Reception Class continued to work collaboratively on a range of different challenges this week. They were keen to explore heights of different objects and attempted to make a variety of towers using the mathematical language of “taller than” and “shorter than” to compare. Following this, the children decided to use at least 100 unifix blocks to make … Read More

Buddhism in Year Three

In Year Three RE the children are learning about Buddhism. In table groups the children cut out fact cards about the religion and organised them into categories. They learnt the name of their religious book called a ‘Tripitaka’. They worked together to take on each other’s opinions on which category to place the fact card in.

Story Telling in Year Two

The children in Year Two have been learning the story ‘Cat, Bramble and Heron’. They have been learning to retell the story with actions and have been delving into the characters. They were ‘hot seating’ the characters by asking and answering questions about their decisions in the story. The children then used their hot seating to write a description of … Read More

Kindness in Reception

In Reception this week the children worked hard to remember the class rules and how to show kindness to one another. They are focusing on sharing and ensuring that they are thinking of others in their play, helping one another and show love to each other. In the construction area, the children worked collaboratively to build a tall tower and … Read More

Headteachers Update

It has a been a productive and exciting first full week at Park. The children have settled well into their new routines and are focussing well in class. It was great seeing so many of you at the Celebration Assembly this morning. Everyone is welcome to attend every week, so please come alone. I am delighted to let you know … Read More