We’ve reached over half way to our target of £3,000 for The Easter Walk! Online donations are at £1,510 and offline cash donations are £70, so our total to date is £1,580. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. There is still time left to donate. The Easter walk is in 7 days time and … Read More

Values Book

Congratulations to all those people who stepped out of their comfort zone and showed courage in the playground this month. Whether it was helping someone in the playground who couldn’t have been courageous without you or continuing to play in a game when the result hasn’t gone your way. Well done! Congratulations for being nominated by an adult on duty … Read More

Year Three

In Geography, Year Three have been creating leaflets explaining how deforestation affects the planet. The children have loved learning about the Amazon Rainforest in in particular and they are now enjoying writing all of their new facts into their information leaflets. It have been brilliant to see the children’s enthusiasm to research and find out more information!


A lot of crafts involve a variety of different aspects; from cutting, gluing and manipulating items. The main benefit of crafting is that it helps children to develop their dexterity and fine motor skills. Cutting out their own things (with safety scissors) help them develop these important skills. But most importantly, the children had fun too making their Easter crafts! … Read More

Note from the Headteacher

What a busy term this half term has been; I cannot believe the Spring Term is over already! The children have enjoyed a variety of fun trips this half term: Year Three went to the London Zoo to discover the types of animals that live in the Rainforest, Year Two went to the National Gallery to get inspiration for their … Read More

Mathematics and Talk

“The more maths and numbers there are around a child, the more likely they’re going to enjoy maths and develop as mathematicians” (Geist, 2009) Talk is fundamental to children’s learning. Children who regularly talk about maths and solve everyday maths problems are more confident mathematicians. Parents can help their children by ‘mathematising’ everyday experiences: “If we add two more children … Read More

Pupil Council

At Park we love to debate. Over the past two weeks the Pupil Council have been discussing fun ideas to improve and develop Park’s learning environment. After voting we were able to come up with some exciting events for the calendar as well as writing a letter to B & Q to ask for their help. The Pupil Council have … Read More

Dance Moves in Year Three

Year Three have continued their work choreographing a dance in P.E. The children practiced their dances and then they researched different dances and how the moves can relate to the music. They looked at how some dances act out the lyrics of songs, some follow the beat and rhythm and some use mirroring techniques. It is great to see how … Read More

Eco Council

Eco Councillors have been very busy this half-term! The children came up with the idea of having fruit bins in every class to help us build our compost. Therefore, we have purchased fruit bins and placed them in each class. Now every class is using the fruit bins to throw fruit items in the fruit bins. At our fortnightly meetings, … Read More

Art in Year Two

This week in Willow class, they have continued their work on abstract and realist portraits in Art. For their task, the children had to use a photograph of half of their face and complete it with a sketch using colouring pencils. They could be as creative as they liked. As you can see, their imaginations ran wild! We had cats, … Read More