Table Tennis in Year Three

Year Three have learnt another new shot in table tennis this week. They practiced shots in open play both on their forehand and back hand and they learnt to serve the ball. The children are excited to put all of what they have learnt into match situations in next week’s lesson.

Prefix work in Year One

Year One explored what happens to a word when they add the ‘-un’ prefix. Children worked in pairs and using a dictionary found a selection of words with the ‘-un’ prefix to explore their meaning. Then, children listed these words, looking carefully at the root word and how its meaning changes when the ‘-un’ prefix was added. The children then … Read More

Patterns in Reception Class

During the week, the children made patterns using different fruit. The students talked about how not only was there a pattern in the fruit ‘blueberry, grape, blueberry’ but there was also a pattern in the colours ‘blue, red, blue’. The children then got to eat their pattern when they were finished which was the best bit!

Headteacher’s update

The good news is that we have a full class of 30 children starting in the Reception class in September and a waiting list which is good news. We are delighted to announce the first ever Park’s Got Talent! The children have been busying planning, rehearsing and finalising their acts to perform on Friday 25th May at 8.45 am. Finalists … Read More

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Riley and Leyla Uzer Year One: Vivien and Ladi Year Two: Paetyn and Zeryana Year Three: Cameron and Rares Miss Street’s Salmon Award: Matty. Well done!

Art in Year Three

Year Three have continued to develop their understanding of collages and the artists who created them. This week the children have been learning about Anastacia Kovaleva and the way she used natural and found items as a medium. The children loved using this type of medium to create their own collages.

Science in Year Two

This week in science, children were looking at the importance for humans to eat the right amounts of different types of foods. The children used pictures of food to sort and classify them in as many different ways as possible. Some groups sorted the foods into the 5 different food groups and into unhealthy vs. healthy foods.

Interesting Facts in Year One

Oak Class enjoyed working in groups to decide upon the most interesting facts about a country in the United Kingdom. The aim of the geography lesson was to convince and persuade a tourist to visit their chosen country. Children had time to practice presenting their posters, taking turns and speaking audibly before they have presented their posters to the rest … Read More

Little Red Riding Hood in Reception Class

This week in Apple class, children have been working very hard in all areas! Their weekly book focus has been Little Red Riding Hood with children talking about their favorite part of the book, discussing the beginning, the problem and the end of the tale and writing sentences describing the wolf. On Wednesday, children also got a very special letter … Read More

Headteacher’s update

This has been a busy week at Park, with the NSPCC visit, the first aid parenting course, the educational psychologist parenting course and the school nurse visiting. I hope those of you who were able to attend found the sessions useful. The school nurse did reiterate that children in Reception and Year One should be going to bed no later … Read More