Last week of term reminders

Tues 17th July – Reception graduation at 9am All Reception parents are invited to come and enjoy watching the Reception children graduate! They will be wearing gowns and they will celebrate the successes of the year together. The event will last about one hour and there will be refreshments to enjoy with the children afterwards. The event will be held … Read More

Year Three

This week Year Three have used their art lesson for the children to bring their own mythical creature to life. The children used their ideas from their English lessons to draw and colour the creatures. It was great to see the children using their imaginations and seeing their creatures come to life.

Year Two

Having spent time using some simple techniques to manipulate clay, children looked at the work of the British sculptor, Henry Moore. After drawing poses and breaking our drawings down into simple shapes they tried our own versions of how he represented the human form in a semi abstract way. Children created a title for their sculptures – Lumpy, Bumpy, Holey! … Read More

Year One

Children in Year One enjoyed consolidating their understanding of the ‘make ten’ strategy. They used a range of manipulatives to make the greater number in the equation and partitioned the second number to get to the ‘magical’ ten. At the end children demonstrated their understanding by writing their own maths problems for their partner to solve. They had a lot … Read More


This week in Apple Class, children have been writing acrostic poems about all about summer. They talked about what activities they are going to do during their summer break for inspiration. There have been some amazing and creative examples, with students writing about ice-cream, running, sand, milkshakes and lots more.


Wow what a fantastic day we had at the Summer Fair last week. The weather was scorching and the Pimms were flowing and we managed to make a profit of £1,622.78. The cakes and drinks sale on Tuesday raised £53.10 so the grand total was £1,675.88! Thank you so much to every one of you who contributed in some way … Read More

Year Three

This week the children in Year Three have been developing their skills in finding out the duration of events and the start and finish times of events. The children have made very good progress in their ability to make times and then find the end time according to how long an event would last. It has been lovely to see … Read More

Year Two masterpieces!

Children’s clay pots have turned into masterpieces! During the week, children took time to choose the colours they thought would best fit their pots to turn them into works of art. The children looked at the combination of cold and warm colours, understanding the impact that they have when they are next to each other. Geometric shapes seemed to be … Read More

Senses work in Reception

This week in Apple Class, the children have been learning about our five senses. They participated in activities to enhance their knowledge, including discussing what they hear when listening to different instruments, writing a sentence about what a mandarin tastes and smells like. The children then went on a sensory walk where the children stepped into lots of different resources … Read More

Headteachers Update

What a hot week it has been this week! Please remmber that next week at Sports Day, chidren need to come to school in the PE kits and they all need to bring a bit bottle of water each. We are awaiting the final quote for the front playground redevelopment. The most exciting thing is we are going to remove … Read More