Take home Tasks

Reception: Next half term the children will be lucky enough to witness chicks hatch in the classroom! Did you know chickens lay a range of different coloured eggs including blue and pink? They can also run up to 9 miles per hour. Chickens can also see in colour. Can the children find out an interesting fact about chickens and find … Read More

Numbers in Reception

In Apple Class this week the children have been looking at numbers to 15. They have investigated ways to make the numbers using cubes. Practically the children have been showing one more and one less of numbers to 15. The class then worked in teams to make their own number-lines to 15, they had to make towers for each number … Read More

Possible Solutions in Year One

The children in Year One investigated the ‘equals to’ symbol this week. At the beginning of the lesson, they compared equations on a part whole model, discovering that the whole remained the same but the parts changed. Following on from this, they used blocks for two given equations to compare the whole. They found out that although the parts changed, … Read More

Addition and Subtraction in Year Two

This week in Maths, the children have been improving their addition and subtraction skills. They have learnt a new strategy for adding two 2 digit numbers. To do this the children were using their partitioning skills, to breaking the numbers down into tens and ones before adding the tens, then the ones and finally regrouping to find their answer. It … Read More

Performance Piece in Year Three

The children have had a fantastic end to the term. They have been studying poetry and exploring ways in which to create a performance piece. They used volume, pitch, tone and some groups even created a dance to enhance their performances!

Headteachers Update

The new front playground work is coming along nicely! The final work will be completed on Monday 4th March, then the children can use the new larger play space. Thanks to those of you who brought in donations today and at previous fundraising events. Today we managed to raise £202.68 which means we have raised over £500 in the past … Read More

Well done to the following stars of the week

Reception: Isla Rose Fulton and Jolyon Year One, Zainab and Ayman Year Two: Ameena and Olivia Harrington Year Three: Sebastian and Andrii Year Four: Aaryan and Cameron Miss Street’s values star: Pantelis

Ice in Reception

This week Apple class had a visitor! It was an ice dragon. The dragon wrote the class a letter explaining that she had been playing with her toys but accidently trapped them in ice! The children had to help her, she also delivered flour and salt to help them. First they predicted the best way to get the animals out. … Read More

Identifying non-fiction features in Year One

In Year One, the children worked in groups to identify features of an information leaflet. At the start of the lesson, the children explored the differences between opinions and facts and discussed which might be included in the fiction and non-fiction genre. Then, the children worked in groups to explore a wide range of leaflets. As a group, the children … Read More

Fractions in Year Two

This week in Maths the Year Two children have been investigating fractions. They began by learning the new vocabulary of numerator, denominator and vinculum. Once the children had an understanding of the vocabulary they moved on to investigate finding a half and a quarter of a number using division. The children then developed their understanding of finding equal parts by … Read More