PSHE in Year Four

This week in PSHE, Year 4 were investigating what it means to be part of a team. The class enjoyed a range of activities which involved team work. After that, the children used post it notes to create a diamond of the characteristics of team work. Some of the characteristics identified were- communication, effort, responsibility,collaboration and listening skills.

Maths Activities in Year Three

Year Three had an absolutely fantastic time taking part in maths week activities. Each group created such creative games and were able to explain its link to mathematics and how it could help children with their numeracy. The children were very professional when selling their game to our dragon, Miss Street!

Year Two

This week the children in Year 2 were very excited to take part in their very first maths week! In small groups the children took time to share and plan their ideas for a storybook. The only rule they needed to follow was that it had to contain maths. In their groups, the children enjoyed having the freedom to be … Read More

Year One

In RE in Oak Class this week, the children learnt about the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan. At the beginning of the lesson they reflected upon all the different festivals they are familiar with and discussed their purpose. Following this, the children discussed Raksha Bandhan and worked collaboratively to create a rainbow of facts about this Hindu Festival. At the … Read More

Maths Trail in Reception

As part of maths week this week, Reception participated in a maths trail around the school. To do this the children were given a variety of different items to count around the school including windows, grown-ups, rectangles, doors and steps. The children then recorded the results. They have had a great time during maths week.

Take Home tasks

Wow! What a fantastic effort we’ve seen across all year groups within their take home tasks. Their efforts overall were absolutely wonderful! Reception cretaed troll inventions, Year One’s facts about athletes were fabulous, Year Two’s wonderful scientist’s inventions were stunning, Year Three’s fact files about chosen inventors were great, and Year Four’s posters about the dangers of Madagascar were fabulous. … Read More


The PTFA are thrilled to announce that SW19 Estate agents will be sponsoring our Summer Fair this year. They will be advertising the Summer Fair via SW19 boards. We would absolutely love for as many families as possible to have a board erected outside of their property to promote the Fair and in turn help us to raise more funds. … Read More

Fitness in Year Three

Year Three started the term with a fitness test! Both the children and the adults were really put through their paces… I don’t know who was more competitive! We logged our results and discussed if, and how much we could improve over the next six weeks. What a fantastically fit start to our final term!

Volume and Capacity in Year Two

In Maths this week the children have continuing to solve problems involving volume and capacity. They worked in pairs to sort out a range of word problems into the operations that they will use to solve them. Once the problems had been sorted into the operations that the children will need to use to solve them, they then began to … Read More

Henri Matisse in Year One

In Year One this week, the children were introduced to a new non-fiction unit in which children will write a non- chronological report about the artist Henri Matisse. In their lesson today, they explored a range of books, including fiction and non-fiction. The children worked collaboratively to sort the range of books into to distinctive features describing the differences between … Read More