Studying sound in Year Four

This week, in science, Cherry class was investigating how sound travels through air. Standing in a line, each child represented an air particle in a solid object. As soon as a sound made one particle vibrate, it made the next air particle vibrate and so on.

Headteachers Update

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend the Parents’ Showcase today. We hope you enjoyed seeing your child’s progress in their books. We also hope you enjoyed Park’s first Christmas carol concert and that you left feeling truly festive! Please take a look at the school website as the Springs Clubs are now live on there and … Read More

Alternative Ending in Year Four

The children worked in small groups to create an alternative ending to Varjak Paw. In their groups, they turned their plans into a script and acted out their ending to the class. This will prepare them for writing their own alternative ending at the end of the week.

Writing in Year Two

This week Year Two have been finishing off there writing unit of writing a recount of our trip to the Florence Nightingale Museum. The children begun the unit by exploring the genre of writing and identifying the features they would need to include in their writing. They then had a go at writing in small groups allowing them to share … Read More

Mental Maths in Year One!

Children in Year One enjoyed investigating halving even numbers within twenty. They have used the strategy of splitting the whole into two equal parts, by placing one block at a time in a hoop. The children have then doubled the part to check if they have correctly worked it out. They enjoyed using blocks to demonstrate their understanding and convince … Read More


Last week in Apple class very strange things were happening and then on Monday Miss Marshall’s chair went missing! When the children came in on Tuesday morning they were very surprised to find a gigantic mess! In the middle of the mess was an ELF! She brought a book that told the children to name her, as a class they … Read More

Headteachers Update

Thank you very much to the PTFA for organising the Christmas fair and for everyone who came last Saturday. It was great to see so many people there! We raised well over £2000 for the school. Plans are already being made for how best to spend the money raised and work will be starting shortly to improve the Reception and … Read More

Well done to the following stars of the week

Well done to the following stars of the week! Reception: Sophie and Thea, Year One: Philip and Anna, Year Two: Harry and Massimo, Year Three: Ryan and Maria, Year Four: Niall and Dylan. Miss Street’s certificate went to Kaydee!

Collaboration in Year Three

In literacy, the children have been working collaboratively to create an alternative ending to the book they are studying. They held their first class debate and it would seem we have some aspiring politicians in the making! The children demonstrated fantastic reasoning and negotiation skills as they defended and fought for their ideas.

Year Two Hockey Skills

This week in Year Two, the children have continued to develop their hockey skills. They have been working on their dribbling skills and this week they learnt how to pass the ball skillfully and accurately. The children showed excellent teamwork to pass the ball between each other, keeping it away from the defender.