Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Albie, Abbie – Rose, Jakob Year One: Yassmin and Ameena Year Two: Nevaeh and Sebastian Year Three: Jacob and Niall Miss Street’s HEART values award: Rares. Mental Maths awards: Abbey – Rose, Chetin, Angela, Massimo, Zeryana, Nathan, Max, Rahiq, Noori, Yassmin, Olivia H and Tommy. Well done!

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Miles and Zainab Year One: Olivia and Lucia Year Two: Maria and Rahiq Year Three: Tamari and Aaryan Miss Street’s Heart Values Award: Benjamin Kietzmann. Mental Maths awards: Athol, Max, Ben K, Ella, Isaac, James, Alfie, Ayah, Suha, Madison and Rares. Well done!

Year Three Trip to Natural HistoryMuseum

Year Three went on a trip to the Natural History Museum on Monday. The children were able to spend time investigating different facts about our Earth. They built on the learning they have done in class, learning about volcanoes and earthquakes. It was lovely to see the excitement and enjoyment the children had learning and especially experiencing an earthquake on … Read More

Clay work in Year Two

Pressing, pushing, flattening, pinching and smoothing with their fingers were some of the techniques children used to make pinch pots this week. For thousands of years humans have been making these pots to store a variety of objects including water. This week it was our turn and we thoroughly enjoyed getting our hands dirty and creating a product that children … Read More

Measuring capacity in Year One

The Year One children this week enjoyed exploring standard unit of a litre to show the capacity and volume of a container. The children worked with a partner to predict whether the containers were more or less than a litre, and then tested out their predictions. They discovered that a litre was the greatest volume, followed by a half, then … Read More

Clay work in Reception Class

Apple Class has been enjoying making mini beasts out of clay this week. Children talked about the characteristics of each animal, how many legs they had, if they had wings or not and where they would find them in the environment. In the end we made butterflies, ants, spiders, caterpillars and lots more of interesting creatures.

Headteachers Update

I am excited to let you know that Park will be launching a ‘No Outsiders in our School’ campaign in September. The children will be learning about British Values, including the Equality Act of 2010 and they will learn about how to love everyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability. There are many exciting books which … Read More

Investigating rocks in Year Three

This week, Year Three have continued their work investigating rocks. The children had the chance to investigate the physical differences between types of rock. It was great to see and hear the children discuss and share their ideas about how the rocks are formed and the impact on the local environment. We challenged the children to group the rocks according … Read More

Clay work in Year One

Today in Year One children enjoyed learning about clay and the they found out lots of interesting facts about clay, including that it is made from mud, it is sticky, and it turns to stone when it dries. They practiced using their hands, a rolling pin and a plastic cutter to form the clay into a circular base and build … Read More

Reception class

The children have loved creating their own characters this week in literacy, writing scripts, rehearsing and performing for the class. Some groups also recreated the story of the week, which is ‘The Princess and the Peas’.