Literacy in Year Four

This week in literacy, Year Four have been working hard at identifying the features of a play script and how the features have been used effectively. The children thoroughly enjoyed performing a play script to the class.

Headteachers Update

The children at Park have enjoyed some fun trips again this week. The highlight was year Four’s trip to Hampton Court Palace where the children learnt more about Henry VIII and his interesting life. Next week there are some fun trips planned too. Please remember that children can wear green clothes on Monday as we are celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

Chicks in Year One

The children were taken by surprise on Monday afternoon, when a delivery of special eggs appeared in their classroom. The eggs were ready to hatch into chicks and had to be kept in an incubator. On Wednesday morning the first egg hatched! The children were amazed by the change they have observed throughout the day. They also noticed that two … Read More

Mini Grey in Year Two

This week in Year Two the children have begun to learn about Mini Grey. Once the children had looked at a range of Mini Grey’s books they then looked at ‘The Adventures of Dish and Spoon’ in more details. After identifying all of the different features that are used in her writing, the children worked to order the story and … Read More

Dance in Year Three

Year Three started dance in P.E this week and thoroughly enjoyed it! We were exploring rhythm and beat and the children were given the opportunity to create a short piece of eight movements. They got very creative!

Dance in Year Four

This term, in P.E, Year 4 will be studying dance. Our topic for dance will be Water, which we will be linking to the water cycle in science. Over the next 6 weeks, the children will be learning different dancing skills and techniques to create a motif at the end of the term. This week, in groups, the children created … Read More

Headteachers Update

We have enjoyed welcoming the new chicks this week. Steadily, they have emerged out of their shells and they have been busy investigating their new surroundings! We have also welcomed Ms Senwar who is the student teacher who will be working in Year One. She has replaced Mr C who is at his placement school but he will return next … Read More

Take home Tasks

Reception: Next half term the children will be lucky enough to witness chicks hatch in the classroom! Did you know chickens lay a range of different coloured eggs including blue and pink? They can also run up to 9 miles per hour. Chickens can also see in colour. Can the children find out an interesting fact about chickens and find … Read More

Numbers in Reception

In Apple Class this week the children have been looking at numbers to 15. They have investigated ways to make the numbers using cubes. Practically the children have been showing one more and one less of numbers to 15. The class then worked in teams to make their own number-lines to 15, they had to make towers for each number … Read More

Possible Solutions in Year One

The children in Year One investigated the ‘equals to’ symbol this week. At the beginning of the lesson, they compared equations on a part whole model, discovering that the whole remained the same but the parts changed. Following on from this, they used blocks for two given equations to compare the whole. They found out that although the parts changed, … Read More