Headteachers Update

Park would love to celebrate what children achieve in their hobbies outside of school. So, at the end-of-year Awards Ceremony on Friday 20th July, I would love to share and celebrate these achievements. If your child has received an award in tennis, dance or football or anything at all then please let us know. You may have seen me outside … Read More

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Matilda and Albie Year One: Sienna’rae and Tyreece Year Two: Kaydee and Max Year Three: Ben, Zamir and Suha Miss Street’s Heart Values Award: William Taylor Mental Maths awards: Ben K, William G, Lucia Sanchez, Olivia H, Ameena. Well done!

Column addition in Year Two

In Year Two this week, the children have been using a variety of strategies to find totals. They enjoyed success with this activity as it was easy to use and if they followed the steps, they did not not go wrong! Throughout the lesson, they used concrete manipulatives, pictorial representations and then….finally…abstract numbers! Children will carry on and check their … Read More

Year One’s trip to Morden Hall

Year One enjoyed consolidating their science knowledge of plants at Morden Hall Park this week. The children worked in groups to find plants in different habitats- the short grass (lawn), long grass (meadow), on the path and under logs. They then used a simple key to identify the plants they saw and describe their results by comparing different plants. They … Read More

Halving in Reception Class

In Apple Class this week, children have been working hard on their maths skills. The main focus for the week has been halving numbers and all the children have played board games, matched games and other activities to help them half numbers between 0 and 20. They have been working so hard on writing their own number sentences, using both … Read More

Headteachers Update

This half term is speeding by; I can’t believe we are at the end of the second week already! Thanks to the families who brought in donations for the Summer Fair this week. We are planning on getting a climbing frame installed in the EYFS and KS1 playground ASAP (we are just waiting for a second quote). It looks like … Read More

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Hugo and Alice Year One: Pantelis and Noori Year Two: Sophie Year Three: Madison and Tallulah Miss Street’s HEART values award: Niall. Well done!

Embroidery skills in Year Three

This week Year Three began their new DT project. The children are developing their embroidery skills over the coming weeks. To begin with they have learnt how to complete chain stitches using embroidery floss. They then needed to show perseverance and determination to learn the skill and develop their confidence. It was great to see them succeed!

Year Three

Year Three have begun Athletics in PE. The children were able to show off their javelin throwing before refining their skills and breaking the overall action down. They developed the children’s grip on the javelin, their throwing action and their release. It was lovely to see how the children progressed in their ability to throw the javelin throughout the lesson.

Year Two

Back at school this week, Year 2 have transported themselves to the funfair at the seaside! Children have begun to watch an animation with the idea of retelling the story. This week, they have just written a setting that takes in all the noises, smells and tastes of the funfair. Children have set up the setting to introduce the main … Read More