Addition and Subtraction in Year Two

This week in Maths, the children have been improving their addition and subtraction skills. They have learnt a new strategy for adding two 2 digit numbers. To do this the children were using their partitioning skills, to breaking the numbers down into tens and ones before adding the tens, then the ones and finally regrouping to find their answer. It … Read More

Performance Piece in Year Three

The children have had a fantastic end to the term. They have been studying poetry and exploring ways in which to create a performance piece. They used volume, pitch, tone and some groups even created a dance to enhance their performances!

Headteachers Update

The new front playground work is coming along nicely! The final work will be completed on Monday 4th March, then the children can use the new larger play space. Thanks to those of you who brought in donations today and at previous fundraising events. Today we managed to raise £202.68 which means we have raised over £500 in the past … Read More

Well done to the following stars of the week

Reception: Axel and Adommas Year One: Matthew and Abbey Rose Year Two: Noori and Sienna-Rae Year Three: Maria and Kaydee Year Four: Victoria and Ayah Miss Street’s values star: Lucia and Nancy! Hand ‘walking’ award: Reception! Mike’s kindness award was nominated to Cameron from Tommy!

Working systematically in Year One

In Oak Class, the children have investigated what two parts are going to give them a given whole. The children were presented with a question: “If the answer is _____ – what could the question be?” and worked systematically to find all of the possibilities. Children had to represent their equations and using our strategy of ‘counting on’ convince their … Read More

Poetry in Year Two

This week in Year Two the children have begun to look at poetry. They started the week off by reading through a range of poetry and discussing the features in small groups. Once they had explored some poetry they then rehearsed and performed the poetry to the class. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm the children were showing and … Read More

Magnets in Year Three

Year Three have continued to explore magnets this week with great enthusiasm! The children have been comparing the strength of various magnets and came up with their own fair tests.

Science in Year Four

This week in science, the children continued to learn about the different types of human teeth and how they function. The class carried out a fair test to investigate the effect of five different liquids on an egg shell. The children created their own investigatory question, wrote the method and a scientific explanation of their final observations.

Headteachers Update

The children were very excited to see the new climbing frame in the front playground slowly come to life yesterday! The work will be completed at the end of next week. A massive THANKS again for your generosity, as without your financial contributions this would not have been possible. We are now keen to fundraise for some additional non-fiction books … Read More

Well done to the following stars of the week

Reception: Isla Rose Fulton and Jolyon Year One, Zainab and Ayman Year Two: Ameena and Olivia Harrington Year Three: Sebastian and Andrii Year Four: Aaryan and Cameron Miss Street’s values star: Pantelis