Morden Hall Trip in Year One!

Year One had a lovely time this week at Morden Hall Park, applying their science knowledge of identifying and classifying animals to sort mini-beasts based on their features. The children were taken to the River Wandle at Morden Hall Park where they found river mini-beasts, including a water scorpion! They had the opportunity to identify mini-beasts using a simple key … Read More

Strange things happen in Reception

This week in reception there has been very strange things happening! After lunch each day, this week the children have seen odd things! The chairs were all knocked over, there were rocks all around the rug, the pens all had the lids taken off and there were even potatoes in the classroom! The children worked in their groups to write … Read More

Headteachers Update

We are well and truly embarking on the festive season now so please look carefully at the dates section above to keep a track of what is happening! Please remember that if you do not require all tickets for the Nativity and choir concert, let the office know so they can pass them onto other families. The spare tickets will … Read More

Visit the National Art Gallery Year Four

Despite the miserable weather, Year Four thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the National Art Gallery on Tuesday! The children admired the inspirational work of Van Gogh alongside many other famous artists. The tour guide was extremely impressed with the children’s knowledge and curiosity.

Well done to the following stars of the week

Well done to the following stars of the week! Reception: Theodora and Michael Year One: Sofia and Taiyon Year Two: Zachary and Yassmin Year Three: Sophie and Max, Year Four: Michael and Zamir. Miss Street’s certificate went to Austin!

Science in Year Three

In Science this term the children have been studying the human body. They have been identifying all 206 bones in the body on their own skeleton!

Year Two visit the Florence Nightingale Museum

Year Two had an amazing time on their trip this week at the Florence Nightingale museum. They were treated to a performance from Florence who explained how she became a nurse and the challenges that she faced. The children complete three activities while exploring the museum. It was lovely to see how engaged the children were in their learning.

Hockey skills in Year One!

Children in Oak Class enjoyed learning about tackling skill in their hockey lessons this week. So far, the children have learnt to hold the hockey stick, control the ball and pass the ball whilst travelling. They combined all these skills this week to learn how to block tackle their partner and take possession of the ball. Potential England players in … Read More

Bat Learns to Dance in Reception

This week in Apple Class the children have been learning the story ‘Bat Learns to Dance’. They have learnt the actions very well and are able to retell the story independently. The children love the dance and are often practicing it every chance they can. They have also been creating story maps to help them to tell the story. The … Read More

Headteachers Update

What a fun, actioned packed week the children have had this week at Park! As part of their humanities project, Year Two visited the Florence Nightingale Museum on Monday. The children got fully immersed in the life of Florence and left feeling inspired by the great contribution that she made to society! On Tuesday Year Four visited the National Gallery … Read More