Jack and the Beanstalk in Reception

Apple Class have explored the story Jack and the Beanstalk this week. They engaged in a ‘hot seating’ activity in which a member of the class pretended to be a character of the story. They then held a debate in which they discussed whether the Giant is a bad character or not.

Year Two – Geographers

As geographers, Year Two went on a local area walk and created journey sticks using the materials that they found on the way. They then used these props to create maps with keys and symbols.

Collage making in Year One

This week Year One have continued studying the work of Henri Matisse and they made another collage, except this time the children had to work within a colour scheme. They each chose two colours and selected materials which fitted in their colour scheme to collage with.

Computing in Year Two and Year One

Year Two are learning about algorithms in Information Technology this half term. The children had lots of fun programming the beebots to reach a specific destination and debugging the instructions when they went wrong. Year One have been taking their own photographs using the iPads and this week we began to edit them. The children enjoyed putting a filter onto … Read More

Retelling Fairtales in Reception Class

Apple Class have enjoyed retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs. They explored how the characters felt, where the book was set and what the problems the pigs faced in the story. The children considered what adjectives would best describe the different characters in the story and how they could

Summer Clubs

We have had a positive uptake for the new summer clubs. We are particularly excited to welcome Maria Rice-Jones, the new French teacher. Maria is a French national with a Masters Degree in Modern Languages from the Sorbonne University in Paris. She has been teaching French since 1990 and she is a published author. Maria’s teaching style is based on … Read More

Stars of the Week

The wonderful Stars of the Week: Apple Class: William and Ruby Oak Class: Max and Monica Willow Class: Ben and Cameron Miss Street’s Manners Merit: Theana and Hannah

Art in Year 1

Year One have begun their art project based on collage. They read ‘Henri’s scissors’ and learned about the collages that Henri Matisse created. They then explored a range of different materials to create our own collage.”

Fairy Tale land in Apple class

Apple class have teleported into a fairytale world where they have experienced what it might have felt like to be a Queen or a King. They ate at a table with Jack, escaped from the Giant and pretended to rule the country!

2D shapes in Year Two

Year 2 have spent this week investigating 2D shapes. They used mirrors and folds to discover if their shapes were symmetrical.