School Uniform for sale in the office

We have a few items of new school uniform for sale in the school office at a reduced price. We have jumpers, cardigans, PE shorts and PE t-shirts. Prices are reduced so come by the office if you would like to purchase anything. We also have lots of ‘hand-me-downs’ located in a box outside the office; they are still in … Read More

Stars of the week

Well done to the following Stars of the Week. Reception: Lucas Philip Year One: Nathan Zachary Year Two: Monica Jake Year Three: Aisha Michael Miss Street’s Manners Merit: Zamir. Well done!

Year 3 Half Term Challenge

Did you know that 9.6 million tourists travelled to the Spanish coast to enjoy the Mediterranean sun in 2016? Next half term Year 3 are going to be studying The Mediterranean. Therefore, I would like you to research the Mediterranean and see if you can find any reasons as to why so many tourists travel there each year. Please present … Read More

Year 2 Half Term Challenge

Having been to the fantabulous Roald Dahl museum, your challenge is to create, write or build (your choice) a response to our trip. What did you like the best? What have you imagined since being to the museum? What would you add to the museum?

Year 1 Half Term Challenge

Did you know that about 30 tornadoes per year are reported in the UK? Next half-term we are going to be studying ‘Wild Weather’ in our Geography lessons. Therefore, I would like you to research and creatively present the dangers of extreme weather which may encompass a natural disaster, such as tornados or hurricanes. You might want to explore the … Read More

Reception Half Term Challenge

Our topic for next half term is ‘People Who Help Us’. T here are lots of people who help others in their work: firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, dentists, vets, lifeguards, lifeboat crews and many more. I would like you to choose the profession that interests you the most and find out some facts about this job, for instance: … Read More

Chapel St Schools working with Drew Parry from Education Manchester

The leaders from the Chapel St schools are lucky to be working with the inspirational leader Drew Povey from the TV program Educating Manchester. Ms Street and Ms Greenfield enjoyed a day yesterday with Drew where they were discussing effective leadership strategies.

Playground Pals

We are recruiting! We are taking applications from children in Year 2 and Year 3 who would like to be Playground Pals. To be a Playground Pal you must be able to help people who need to find friends. You also need to be able to start games, encourage children to take part and just make sure everyone is having … Read More

Eco Council

The student eco council would like to create a compost box to make use of all the autumn leaves and food waste. We are hoping to use recycled wood from the building site next to the school to make our box (with the help of Mr Shea!). We will also be planting bulbs in the front playground to come up … Read More

Fulham FC Partnership

A partnership between our school and Fulham FC has begun! Coaches from Fulham FC will begin a six-week program with Year 2 and 3 starting on November 3rd. The six-week course comes out of the Premier League’s Primary Stars mission to ensure children begin a love of sport from an early age. Coaches and teachers will work together to develop … Read More