Information Books in Reception

To continue with the chicken topic, the class were introduced to information books. They noticed that information books have photographs and that you can find facts from them. The children learnt facts about chickens including what they eat, how popular chickens are and the colours of their eggs. The children are able to plan and write their sentences with finger … Read More

The magic box in Year One

The children in Year One have been busy planning and writing their own poems based on “The Magic Box” written by Kit Wright. Last week, they explored the poem and discussed their own special memories, which included riding a bike for the very first time, meeting a new friend, going to the seaside or learning new words in a different … Read More

Money in Year Two

Throughout the last two weeks the Year Two children have been learning all about money. During the lessons the children have learnt about the different values of notes and coins and how they can combine these to make amounts of money. Towards the end of the week they had opportunities to show their understanding through a range of problem solving … Read More

Kew Gardens in Year Three

Year Three had an amazing time at Kew Gardens learning all about the rainforest. All the adults were amazed at their knowledge of the layers of the rainforest, the animals and the effects of deforestation.

Science in Year Four

This week in science, Year Four created a simple series electrical circuit. The children were given a light bulb, light bulb holder, wires, batteries and a battery holder. They worked in pairs to try and get the light bulb to light. Lastly, they drew a labelled diagram of their circuits with a scientific explanation.

Headteachers Update

The front playground is finally finished! I hope you agree that it looks great. The children have certainly enjoyed playing in the extended space this week. Thanks once again for all of your kind donations which made this work possible. We are now fundraising for new library books. We have £300 so far and we need £700 more to raise … Read More