Headteachers Update

Thanks to those of you who supported the improved road safety campaign this week. I know that many of you contested the plans for a speed island and I very much hope that our efforts will mean the Council will support the idea to make a traffic island instead. A particular thanks to Rebecca Trotman and Tim and Lisa Harris who have led the campaign. We will know in a few weeks what is the outcome is.

We enjoy celebrating children’s achievements in school but also outside of school. Therefore, can you please encourage your child to present to the rest of the school at the Friday celebration assembly when they have something to share? This week Christopher showed us his horse riding rosettes and Olivia White showed us her cricket medal. Maintaining hobbies is important for self-esteem and it helps maintain a healthy body and mind. We hope to celebrate more out of school achievements next week.

In light of the increasingly concerning Coronavirus situation, this week we have talked to the children about the importance of washing their hands with warm soapy water after going to the toilet, as well as sanitising their hands before lunch. We also have asked the children to sneeze or cough into a tissue or onto their sleeve rather than onto their hands. Please can you reiterate these messages at home. Remember if you are concerned, please call 111 and keep your child at home if in doubt.

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