Taco’s In Reception

This week the children were introduced to their first dragon story of the half term: ‘Dragons Love Tacos’. They learnt that dragons love tacos but only with mild toppings as the spicy ones might end up in them burning down a party! To show the children what dragons were so excited about they made their own tacos using the mild … Read More

Six Dinner Sid in Year One

This week in Oak Class, we were introduced to a new character – Sid from the story “Six Dinner Sid” by Inga Moore. We learnt about the beginning of the story, where it was set, who the main characters were. We read the story up to a point where the problem was going to be introduced. As a class we … Read More

Art in Year Two

This week in Art the Year Two children were investigating the styles of different artist and seeing how they had created different designs. Once the children had viewed and discussed a number of pieces of art they then designed their own piece using some of the techniques and styles of the artists. The children were really pleased with their outcomes … Read More

Iron Man in Year Three

The children have come in with such an excellent attitude towards their learning this week! We have started looking at Iron Man in Literacy and the children have been identifying the descriptive language and how the author has created suspense. We have also started a wall of WOW words, which I think may end up covering the whole classroom!

Literacy in Year Four

This week in Year Four, the children have enjoyed the start to their new class novel Charlotte’s Web. We have discussed the characters, the setting and made predictions. They used adjectives and prepositions to describe a scene from the book, whilst their partner drew it.

Headteachers Update

Welcome back to Spring Term. The time seems to be passing really quickly this year. I will have the new term dates for the next academic year in the next few weeks so please bear with me for these. I trust you were able to log on to SPTO to assess your child’s progress and attainment over the autumn term. … Read More

Take Home Tasks

Reception In some stories dragons are portrayed as good characters and some are portrayed as evil. The dragon in ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’ by Julia Donaldson is an evil character who is outsmarted by the knight. The dragon in ‘Shrek’ the movie starts off by wanting to eat the characters and ends up living with one of them. The characters … Read More

3D Shapes In Reception

In math’s this week apple class have been introduced to 3D shapes. These are shapes that you can hold unlike 2D shapes. The children have been learning to sort them according the properties of the shapes i.e. all the shapes that have points and those that do not. They are beginning to learn the names to the shapes and have … Read More

Maths in Year One

In Oak Class this week we investigated effective addition and subtraction equations, and learnt how to apply these within one-step word problems. Our key vocabulary for this week involved: greater than, less than, subtraction, whole, part, equation and effective strategy. During our talk tasks we learnt how to use this vocabulary to describe the equation to our learning partners. We … Read More