Well done to the following stars of the week

Well done to the following stars of the week: Reception: Isla Stewart and Sophie Year One: Lakai and Riley Year Two: Hannah and Theana Year Three: Alfie and Angela Year Four: Michael and Tallulah Miss Street’s Value award: Lakai and Isaac. A pen licence was awarded to Sophie in Year Three!

Numbers in Reception

This week in Apple Class the children have been looking at the numbers to 20. The class have been practicing counting to 20 starting from any number i.e. 12 or 10. The children have learnt how to make the numbers using numicon and have noticed that any number over 10 they have to use a 10 numicon at the start … Read More

Magnificent Maths in Year One

The children in Year One enjoyed investigating length and mass using standard and non-standard units this week. They learnt to estimate a length of an object based on what they already knew about another object. They were then given a problem to solve with their learning partner; they had to solve a riddle in which they were given an explanation … Read More

Victorian’s in Year Three

Year three had an absolutely fantastic time at Morden Hall Park this week learning about what life was like for the Victorian’s. The children took part in interviews to be milk maids or Carter boys and were given a real insight into how Victorians survived and worked on the land. It is safe to say that nobody was very keen … Read More

Science in Year Four

This week in science, the children were investigating the purpose of a switch. The children used cardboard, split pins and a paper clip to make a switch, which they had to connect to a simple electrical circuit.

Headteachers Update

The eagerly awaited new play equipment finally arrived this week. The Pupil Councilors sorted the items into two large sport’s bags, one for each playground. The equipment included skipping ropes, parachutes and a selection of balls for football, dodge ball and basketball. We are still waiting for a small basketball hoop for the KS1 playground. The Pupil Councillors were happy … Read More

Well done to the following stars of the week

Well done to the following stars of the week: Reception: Kazik and Megan Year One: Caleb and Logan Year Two: William and Yassmin Year Three: Jake and Max Year Four: William and Aaryan. Miss Street’s Value award: Olivia Harrington. A pen licence was awarded to Sophie in Year Three!

Expressive Art in Year One

The children in Year One learnt how to use the ‘stippling’ paintbrush technique in their art lesson this week. This week’s learning allowed the children to incorporate the skills learnt in the past few weeks, as children had used a range of primary and secondary colours, as well as warm and cool colours to experiment with ‘stippling’. Next week, they … Read More

Shape and Position in Year Two

This week in Year Two the children have begun to learn about shape and position. As an introduction to the unit, they used geo-boards to make shapes with a certain criteria Working in pairs, they then gave each other a set of properties linking to a 2D shape and then their partner made the shape to meet the criteria. It … Read More