Pupil Council

This week in pupil council we discussed the progress of the readathon. Lots of children have been busy reading books, comics and even listening to audio books before bed. Caleb from Oak class is on his 3rd Roald Dahl book! This is very exciting as the children are eager to raise money for much needed books in children’s wards across … Read More

Year Four

This week Year Four has been investigating the five different types of jumps and how these techniques can be improved. The children did a carousel of different activities in which they had to investigate which jump was the most effective for each activity. They have also been recording how many laps of the playground they can complete in five minutes. … Read More

Science in Year Three

This week in science, Year Three have been studying the structure of the Earth. They showed fantastic enthusiasm, created detailed diagrams and are able to recall the structure through a rhyme!

Photography in Year Two

This week in photography, Year Two went to Morden Hall to put their photography skills to the test. While in the park, the children were taken to different locations where they could take photos of the different parts nature. They really enjoyed seeing the plants, insects, birds and fish on their walk. Once they arrived back at school with the … Read More

Computing in Year One

In Year One this week, the children applied the skills learnt so far in the unit of ‘Using and Applying’ to create a poster about Henri Matisse. The skills included: retrieving and saving, changing font, size and colour and using a range of tools on Doodle Buddy. The children enjoyed showing what they know about Henri Matisse from our literacy … Read More

Art in Reception

This week the children have been changing the hanging characters in the classroom. They have been using all the skills that they have learnt throughout their time in Reception to create their main character for the story. They have thought carefully about how to create it and then added their own body parts to it like ears, legs, tails and … Read More

Spelling Bee

This week Park celebrated the second annual Spelling Bee competition. Early in the week, all the children took part in heats in their classes, with the top five going through to the final which took place on Thursday afternoon. In an assembly, the finalists were put to the test to find out the winner from each year group. With all … Read More

PE in Year Four

This week in P.E, year 4 used a distance measuring wheel to measure three distances. The children took turns to be the starter, the sprinter and the timer. They recorded the time it took in seconds to sprint all 3 distances. We used these results to break down the different parts of the 100m sprint. To improve their times, they … Read More

Year Two

In PE, Year Two continued to work on their events in preparation for Sports Day. The children began to learn the techniques used when sprinting in order to increase their speed. They were taught how to start a sprint to maximise speed and then the importance of their arms and head position during the race. We are all really excited … Read More