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Please see the link below for our wish list for books to help the children with their learning. Any donations would be greatly appreciated;

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure your child has their PE-kit with them on Monday and remind your child to take it home on a Friday.

We would like to encourage all the children to drink water throughout the day and we would like to request that your child brings in a water bottle to school labelled with their name.

We are working towards making the children independent in many areas as possible. At home you can help your child to practise putting their coats on and doing up their zips.

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Wow Moments in Reception

Oxford Owl Reading Resource

Reception Curriculum Letter Summer 2

Reading in Reception Class

Reception’s Graduation

Home Learning


We really encourage children to practise their phonics at home. We have put links below that will support you and your child with learning their sounds. Please use every opportunity to allow your child to practise, whether it be sounding out road signs, menus, TV guide to ensure they are accessing as much reading as possible. Here are some tricky words to practice with your child as well; Tricky Words


Research continues to highlight the importance of practically experiencing a mathematical idea to develop children conceptual understanding of a mathematical concept. Therefore, on fortnightly basis we are going to send home four practical tasks your child should complete and gradually build their confidence to share using mathematical vocabulary. Each sheet with the above outlined practical tasks is going to outline the maths unit your child is currently working on in school, as well it will explain what your child should be able to do by the end of it. The list of these practical tasks is endless and we welcome you to add more tasks to further support your child’s understanding. We warmly welcome you to record any significant milestones your child has reached within these practical activities. These can be recorded on the WOW moments sent home which we share and celebrate with the class.

Supporting your child at home;

Maths Home Learning;  Reception Maths Homelearning 16.3.18

Take Home Task

Traditional and fairy tales’ is our theme for the summer term. Children will explore a range of fairy tales from around the world, as well as learning about adaptations using their creativity.

Could the children make homes/castles of Fairy-tales and create background scenes using junk modelling? Here are some examples for your reference. Have fun and I look forward to seeing the children’s work! Happy Easter and thank you for your continued support within home/ school learning.

Current Learning

Reception Curriculum Letter Summer 2