PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure your child has their PE-kit with them on Monday and remind your child to take it home on a Friday.

We would like to encourage all the children to drink water throughout the day and we would like to request that your child brings in a water bottle to school labelled with their name.

We are working towards making the children independent in many areas. At home you can help your child to get changed independently into PE kits and school uniform daily.

Meet the Teacher

Here is the PowerPoint shared with parents during the ‘Meet the Teacher’ event

Meet the Teacher KH 1920


Curriculum Letter Spring one

Letter trip Morden Hall Park

Home Learning


We really encourage children to practise their phonics at home. We have put links below that will support you and your child with learning their sounds. Please use every opportunity to allow your child to practise, whether it be sounding out road signs, menus, TV guide to ensure they are accessing as much reading as possible. Here are some tricky words to practice with your child as well; Tricky Words

Please see attached a letter formation sheet to further support children’s growing phonological understanding and correct formation of letters. It is crucial for children to develop the correct formation, so please practise forming these letters with your child daily. Letter formation sheet


Reading and/or talking about their reading to an adult for at least 20 minutes daily or at least three times a week. This is to be recorded in reading records. In your child’s reading records you will find a sheet outlining the expectation for your child’s current book band.  Reading records and reading books should be coming into school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and these will be signed by teachers to check regular reading has occurred.


Research continues to highlight the importance of practically experiencing a mathematical idea to develop children conceptual understanding of a mathematical concept. Therefore, engage your child in practical maths tasks, which might involve counting the road lamps on your way to school, sharing real life objects, cooking a meal together or noticing patterns and shapes in the environment.  The list of these practical tasks is endless and we welcome you to add more tasks to further support your child’s understanding. We warmly welcome you to record any significant milestones your child has reached within these practical activities. These can be recorded on the WOW moments sent home which we share and celebrate with the class.

Supporting your child at home; Phoneme Sound Pronunciation Guide

Parent Info- helping with phonics etc

Oxford Owl- 250 free eBooks

Handwriting: Handwriting Practice



Learning Logs:

Please ensure your child brings in their ‘Learning Log’ every Wednesday. These are then going to be given out with a new task on a Friday.

Below is information about the Learning Logs.

Learning Log Information