Note from the Head

I hope those of you who were able to attend the Parents’ Showcase today enjoyed the time spent in class with your child. The Year Two children had a lot of fun re-enacting burning the Great Fire of London and Year Three looked very scary in their Viking costumes! Thanks for coming along to support the children.

Park will be running a ‘Be Who You Want To Be’ week in Spring Term Two. We will be talking to children about different career options and routes. Can you please discuss different options with your child, taking into consideration their likes and dislikes and areas of interest. We would rather children consider options like a Doctor, an accountant, a pilot, a teacher, a lawyer, a writer or journalist, a plumber, a set designer or a carpenter etc. A good book to buy is the one pictured to the left; it features extraordinary women and how they achieved extraordinary things. Ideally, children should not dress up as footballers or singers or princesses please.

I though you may be interested to know applications to teacher training are down for the2018/19 intake by 40%. This is a truly alarming drop-off, and to this point,
there is no clear analysis by anyone in the DFE or the sector as a whole to explain why the situation is so much worse this year, in a generally declining market for recruitment.

The implications, if this picture continues across our region, are very worrying for teacher recruitment. We could be facing a reduction by up to 50% of NQTs coming into London schools in 2018-19 and similar reductions in Essex, East Sussex and Kent.

Some possible influencing factors include:

• Continued challenges with student debt (however this is not the first year of students having paid £9000+ for every year of their degree)
• Continued negative profile of teaching in the media
• Continued government changes and pressure on education
• The removal of bursaries for primary trainees
• The continuing confusing picture of training routes, now further complicated by the introduction of Teacher Apprenticeships (so far, this is not attracting candidates or schools)
• The continuing demographic downturn in the 18-22 age bracket (this will tail off in 2025).

We wanted firstly to make sure that you are aware of this position, and I will keep you updated at regular intervals, as we know more. It is a bleak time for school recruitment at a time when budgets are very tight.

We are pleased to inform you that Park Holiday Club will be running from Monday 26th March until Thursday 29th March from 8am until 5pm. The Holiday Club is £30 per day and children can participate in arts and crafts as well sports and games. If your child needs a 1:1 adult due to special needs, please contact the school office in the first instance. There is a minimum number of children required to sign up in order for this to run; there needs to be 12 children sign up per day. If these numbers are not met, it will not be possible to run the Park Holiday Club. So, initially, please email to express interest, and please specify days. We need to know numbers by Friday 2nd March.

I hope everyone has a great break. Please remember the children return to school on Monday 19th February. Clubs and Stay and Play resume that day too.

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