Reading schemes.

At Park, we take great care to ensure every child is reading and enjoying a range of literature as frequently as possible. Take home books are colour banded (levelled) to help support every child at their level of reading.
As children rely on both their confidence with phonics, as well as high frequency words to understand the stories they read, children are now able to choose books to support this development. These skills are enhanced by following a logical sequence that builds on prior learning.

Individual reading books are sent out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Parents are expected to write comments about their children’s reading at home to cement the parent– teacher partnership. In this way it can assist and inform teachers of their level of engagement, confidence and progress with this essential life skill. With this in mind, parents are also encouraged to read and share books with their children to instil a love of reading, alongside the development of rich vocabulary.

Guided reading schemes continue to be used across the school. Children are grouped together in small ability groups to learn and practise new skills, each of which is introduced through a wide range of texts for the children to enjoy.