Take Home Tasks


In some stories dragons are portrayed as good characters and some are portrayed as evil. The dragon in ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’ by Julia Donaldson is an evil character who is outsmarted by the knight. The dragon in ‘Shrek’ the movie starts off by wanting to eat the characters and ends up living with one of them. The characters change from being a bad character to a good character through the text. Next half term, Apple Class are going to be finding out all about dragons in a variety of stories including ‘Dragons Love Tacos’, ‘How to Catch a Dragon’ and ‘Trouble with Dragons’. Over the holidays, please find your favourite story about a dragon and see if you can make your own dragon using model making items, paint or fabric.

Year One

Did you know that we use a wide range of different materials in our daily lives? These may include: metal, plastic, wood or glass. Different materials have different features, which make them suitable for different purposes. At the same time, we need to be aware of the impact these materials have on the environment, as some of these materials cannot be recyclable. In Science next half-term we are going to be investigating materials and their uses. Therefore, for your take home task this Christmas holiday, we would like you to investigate which material is best suited for an umbrella. Your investigation can take any form you would like, you might come back with a written-up plan of your exploration, a range of materials you tested, your prediction and your conclusion, or a poster depicting your thought process within this investigation. Have fun exploring! You can even make your own umbrella; it is up to you!

Year Two

Next half term the Year Two children will be learning all about William Morris and his work using printing to create art. Over the Christmas period can you please do some research into William Morris and explore his work, creating a fact file using what you found. The children can also have a go at using some of the William Morris work to inspire them to create their own piece of art work. Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you produce.

Year Three

Did you know, if you attach a bar magnet to a piece of wood and float it in a bowl of water, it will slowly turn and the magnet’s North Pole will point towards the Earth’s North Pole? Next term in Science, Year Three are going to be exploring magnets and magnetic materials. Over the Christmas break it would be fantastic if the children can do some research of their own; this might be a fact sheet, an investigation of magnets or a fair test to find out which objects are magnetic. Have fun investigating!

Year Four

Did you know that mammals are among the most adaptable animals on the planet? They are found on every continent and in every ocean, and range in size from tiny bumblebee bats to enormous blue whales. Next half term, Year Four will be studying animals including humans. We will be looking at what animals eat, the digestive system, food chains and how the animals’ teeth are suited for its environment. In preparation for this unit, we would like you to research and write a week’s meal plan for an animal of your choice. Similarly, you can research and investigate an animal with a similar diet to yours and write up an explanation for their required diet. You make a leaflet or a model of what you find out.

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