Welcome to Park Community School

We are very pleased to welcome you to our school. Park is a small one form entry Free primary school and we are proud to be part of the Chapel Street Community Schools Trust. We are located in Merton Park just behind the Morden Hall tram line. The school opened in September 2014 and we are growing by one class every year.

At Park we believe that a high quality education within a Christian environment is the best start a child can have in their school life. We understand that children need a secure value system as they grow up. We work in partnership with parents to build a sense of community and respect for others. Our children are encouraged to be friendly and considerate to one another, to always do their best and achieve the highest standards in their learning.

Park's Ethos and Values

We believe in you!
Chapel St schools are founded on the principles of grace, love and fellowship. We create inclusive learning communities where each individual is respected and valued. Chapel St schools share a broad, generous and inclusive Christian ethos. We welcome children and families from all faiths and none, inviting everyone to work together towards the good of the whole community.

  • Grace: Recognising and investing in the value and potential of each pupil through personalised teaching and nurturing support, enabling pupils to enjoy and apply their learning to real life.

  • Love: The creation of a culture of inclusion, acceptance, reconciliation, hope and freedom for each pupil and their communities.

  • Fellowship: Serving people of all faiths and none, providing a supportive, collaborative community that benefits and positively engages pupils, parents/carers and family members in the life and community of the school.
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